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There are many products, companies, and networks that didn't feature Kevin as their spokesperson or principal actor, but the ones that did had no regrets! Check out his work below.

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Missed Kevin's reel in the TV Host section? No worries, check it out here and get to know his on-camera personality. You might even see a few projects that you recognize.

Remember Kevin as the 5-Hour Energy guy?

Got that 2:30 feeling? Kevin was 5-Hour Energy's National Spokesperson for almost two years. Sleepy, groggy, dying for a nap? This video will energize you, or remind you that for a period of time, this commercial was everywhere. Yes, even Kevin was sick of himself. 

Qualcomm's snapdragon spokesperson

Long before Game of Thrones made working with dragons cool, Kevin was perfecting the craft. This trailblazer, with his fire breathing sidekick, was the spokesperson for Qualcomm's new Snapdragon Processor. 

the original 5-hour energy commercial

Before the 2:30 feeling commercial, Kevin shot this spot for the energy drink leader. The popularity and success of this commercial led to its more famous sequel, and memorial lines like, "Work, you should try it sometime."

are you drinking bud light because of kevin?

Did you know Bud Light gave you the power to levitate? Well, you learn something new every day. Spoiler alert, even without those super powers, Kevin gets the girl in the end!

Kevin and his friends crashed the superbowl

This was a Doritos Super Bowl commercial submission. Kevin, examines the age old battle of cuteness in this spot titled, 'Puppy vs Baby'.

NHL's All-Access online Portal

Want all-access to the NHL? In this national commercial, Kevin introduced viewers to The Portal, a new way to experience hockey. Kevin's reaction to NHL star Alexander Ovechkin, pictured here, is some of his finest work to date. As a big Washington Capitals fan, we don't think he had to try too hard. 

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