Television Host

You might have seen Kevin on your TV, laptop, or mobile device chatting with celebrities or exploring the world of entertainment. He has hosted everything from fan chats with network stars to an on-camera hunt for the world's first fashionable bullet-proof clothing. Yeah, he's comfortable in front of a camera.

Check out Kevin's hosting reel

Kevin gets his energy from interacting with people. Get to know his on-camera personality in this short  reel. You might even see a few projects that you recognize. 

kevin hosts fan chat with stars of A&e's The Glades

Kevin has hosted projects for several networks. Check out this Live Fan Chat reaching over 1 million people that aired online following the season finale of A&E's television show, The Glades. 

AMC's Date Night

What's more fun than watching the movie, Dead Calm? How about Kevin watching the flick for you and discussing it with his co-host Alitzah on AMC's Date Night. Spoiler alert, the water isn't calm and people die! 

National Geographic's Shock Me pilot

What are the top 10 most shocking kinds of clothing in the world? Kevin attempts to find out in this National Geographic Network television pilot. This sizzle reel features Kevin attending a pheromone party, and a chat with the designers of Lady Gaga's meat dress. Enjoy!

Fan of CBS' Big brother? kevin hosted a weekly recap show

For two years, Kevin and Nick Uhas, Big Brother alumnus, released weekly web-based episodes that captured an entire week of Big Brother in 30 minutes! Totaling over 50 episodes, and attracting thousands of online viewers, Kevin and Nick dished on all things Big Brother. Check out this episode of the show and expect the unexpected.